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Salman Khan Ends 9 Year, Old Feud with Arijit Singh, Arijit Singh Seen at Salman’s House for Tiger 3

Bollywood’s Bhai Jaan superstar Salman Khan has now forgiven singer Arijit Singh after nine years. On Wednesday night, Arijit Singh was seen coming out of Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartment in Mumbai. Whose video was posted by one of his fans on Twitter (X). As soon as the video surfaced on the internet, fans have started speculating. Fans believes that after a long decade, the fight of Arijit Singh, who is called Bhai Jaan of Bollywood and heart throb of the people, is now over.

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It is being speculated by fans that Arijit might have come to Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartment in Bandra to plan a song for Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tiger 3. Fans believe that Arijit Singh’s songs will be included in Tiger 3 and the fight with Bhai Jaan will end.

As soon as the video was shared by a fan of Salman Khan on X, formerly known as Twitter. Posting the short video clip, the fan wrote, “Arijit Singh spotted at Salman Khan’s house today. What’s going on??” Another fan wondered if the meeting was for Salman’s upcoming film Tiger 3 or any music collaboration in his untitled film with Vishnuvardhan and Karan Johar.

Bollywood’s brother-in-law Salman Khan and Arijit Singh had a fight during an award show in 2014. When Arijit Singh went on stage to receive the award, Salman Khan was hosting the show. Then Salman Khan asked Arijit Singh for the award “Tu hai vijeta (You are the winner)?”, because Arijit Singh was wearing very normal clothes.

To this Arijit Singh replied, “You guys put me to sleep.” He said this because Arijit was a little late in reaching the stage. Arijit fell asleep while watching Salman Khan host (in a comedy scene), after which Arijit Singh’s songs were removed from films like Salman Khan’s big budget film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kick and Sultan. In the film Sultan, the song was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in place of Arijit.

Due to all this, in the year 2016, Arijit Singh had publicly apologized to Salman and appealed to him not to remove his version of the song from Sultan. While sharing the post, Arijit wrote in his post that he tried to apologize to Salman several times through text and mail but to no avail. Salman Khan is not responding to any of his messages and has not forgiven him.

“…You (Salman) are under the misconception that I insulted you.” Regarding Sultan’s songs, Arijit wrote, “I have sung many songs sir. But I want to retire with at least one of your songs in my library. Please don’t destroy this feeling.”

While sharing this post, Arijit had requested Salman that his song should not be removed from his film but Salman Khan was angry in those days.

Well now seeing Arijit Singh spotted at Salman Khan’s house is indicating some good news. In future, both Bhai Jaan and Arijit will be seen working together. This is good news for the fans of Salman Khan and Arijit Singh that they will get to see both of them working together.

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