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Nitin Gadkari Biopic Teaser Out: Release Date Announced

Nitin Gadkari is the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of the Central Government. Nitin Gadkari’s biopic was announced with a teaser on 9 October 2023. The directors have confirmed the film’s theatrical release date as October 27. The film is directed by Anurag Rajan Bhusari and will shed light on the lesser known parts of the “Highway Man of India”. This film will be about those topics about which the general public or citizens are not aware. This film will be full of information about the life of a politician

Nitin Gadkari Film Teaser

The producer of the film shared the teaser of the film on YouTube on 9 October. The teaser of the film is in Marathi language. The teaser of the film begins with a voice-over saying, “When this country is known by its roads, I happily say that I am Nitin Jairam Gadkari.” The main character has been introduced but who is playing the lead role has not been revealed. But in the bio of the teaser released on YouTube, it is mentioned that the lead actors are Rahul Chopra, Aishwarya Dorley, Abhilash Bhusari and Trupti Kalkar. The teaser was released on Zee Music Marathi on 9 October.

Director Anurag Bhusari said, “Nitin Gadkari is an extraordinary personality in politics. After the poster exhibition, I got many calls, many people asking me who will play the role of Nitin Gadkari. But this curiosity will soon disappear.” How an ordinary worker travels from a social worker to a key cabinet minister.

Through this biopic of his, we will get to know about him in depth. What were the ups and downs not only in his professional life but also in his personal life. Along with the life of a leader, the journey of his personal life is also going to be equally interesting.

About Nitin Gadkari

Gadkari film is produced by Akshay Anant Deshmukh and the film is about both Nitin Gadkari’s political journey and personal life. The film captures the journey of Nitin Gadkari from a small post to becoming a Minister for Road Transport & Highways, in the film we will get to know about aspects which we do not know about till date. His personal life is also told in this film. The film is directed by Anurag Rajan Bhusari. The film will be released in theaters on October 27.

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