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Hostel Daze Season 4 Review: Exploring the Cast and Characters

Hostel Daze is the most popular Indian comedy web series from TVF (The Viral Fever). This year TVF released Hostel Daze Season 4 on Amazon Prime Video. Its final season was released on 30 September 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. Hostel Daze tells the story of four engineering students who live in a hostel and has been praised for its relatable humor and heart-warming portrayal of college life.

Season 4 begins from where season 3 ended, with seven students – Ankit (Utsav Sarkar), Jhantu (Nikhil Vijay), Akhil (Luv Vispute), Chirag (Shubham Gaur), Ayushi Gupta (Nabomita Bhardwaj), Akanksha (Ehsaas Channa), and Harsha Chemudu (Ravi Teja) are now in their final year of college. With placements approaching, the pressure on students to perform well is increasing. However, as always, the boys still find time for fun and adventure amidst their busy schedules.

The new season introduces a new character, a new hostel warden (played by Faisal Malik), and a new professor (played by Gopal Dutt). These new characters add a new perspective to the series and story and help keep things interesting.

It is the old cast that is keeping Hostel Daze interesting and fun. The four lead actors have great chemistry together and bring their characters to life with energy. Utsav Sarkar, despite being a new face, did not lose his character, played the role of lazy but lovable character Ankit very well. Who has got as much love as the old actor.

Chirag and Nabodita Love Story

This time something new is seen in the story of Season 4. While everyone thought that Chirag could not impress any girl in four years, in this season both Chirag and Nabodita are dating each other. About which no one comes to know nor do Chirag and Nabodita tell anything to anyone. Chirag and Nabodita had decided among themselves that they would not tell anything about their relationship to anyone and would keep it a top secret. But in the end it is revealed that everyone knows about their relationship, but they do not say anything because they are in the fourth year.

Day Zero- Placement Pressure

Hostel Daze Season 4 Placement Pressuer
In order from Left to Right- Jaat, Jhantu, Chirag and Ankit

The story of Season 4 is just as great as the last time. This season also entertains a lot with great dialogues and humor. As the season moves towards Day Zero, Hostel Daze slowly turns from lighthearted to serious, showing these four students worried about placements, dealing with topics like job worries, friendship, and growing up. All four of them are shown to be worried.

In Season 4, while everyone’s placements are taking place, Jhantu is lying alone in his room smoking a cigarette. Jhantu is the most disappointed because his grades are the lowest due to which he does not get the eligibility to sit for the placement of any company. Jhantu looks at his formal clothes and says, “I am longing to wear even formal clothes, I will not get a job in any company” and sits down disappointed.

On the other hand, Jat stays away from everyone during the placement days so that he is not seen by anyone and does not sit in the placement so that he does not have to get rejected, because he has not studied anything in four years and helps his father in the fields. Is thinking about it. But after Jhantu’s persuasion, Jaat agrees and gets ready to give the placement interview and exam.

Ankit is shown to be very lazy and drunk in this season, he is devastated after Akanksha’s breakup. Ankit’s character is also shown as a broken lover. Ankit neither takes any classes this year nor does he have good marks, due to which he also has to lag behind in placements. Due to Ankit not completing his attendance, he has to get a signature on the application from the head of civil engineering but the teacher flatly refuses. For which Jhantu also gets a fake doctor’s note made so that his application can be signed. In the end, Akanksha helps Ankit, who motivates him for placement.

Nabodita and Chirag live together like a loving couple. Both of them also look for placement at the same place and want to get a job in Bangalore, but Nabodita does not clear the interview due to which she remains worried. But after talking to Akanksha, he realizes that she is smarter in CAT, hence she should do MBA. Chirag does not know about this, but when he comes to know he gets angry but later he also agrees to do MBA with Nabodita.

There seems to be a very good scope for Teja, because two companies are fighting among themselves for Teja. Teja is very good at studies and away from all this he concentrates only on his studies due to which his marks are very good and he is getting a package worth lakh.

Hostel Daze is a series full of entertainment and comedy. TVF has also given life to the last season. Every character entertains everyone with their acting. During Hostel Daze, it is definitely seen that everyone lives together very well and together they find the solution to every problem.

This last season from TVF makes everyone emotional towards the end. When everyone slowly goes to their homes, meeting everyone for the last time and remembering the hostel Daze makes everyone emotional. Jhantu goes last which is very emotional. After 8 years, Jhantu is leaving this hostel which has become a home for him.

Overall, Hostel Daze is a great series. This is a good web series of entertainment for the new generation and students. Hostel Daze gets a rating of 8.5/10 from Celebrity Hub for its great acting and great story.

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