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Tejas Trailer Breakdown: Now There Will Be War on The Enemy from The Sky

The trailer of Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut’s new film Tejas has been launched. In Kangana Ranaut’s next film, she is playing the role of Indian Air Force pilot Tezar Gill.

On the occasion of Indian Air Force Day on Sunday, Kangana Ranaut and the film’s director producer have launched the trailer of Tejas film with great excitement. The directors of the film Uri have also directed this film.

Tejas Trailer

Tejas is going to be an action-packed and biographical film. This film has been written and directed by Sarvesh Mewar and the film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

Kangana Ranaut is in the lead role in the film who is the pilot of Tejas aircraft. Tejas revolves around the remarkable journey of Indian Air Force pilot Tejas Gill. Whose only target is to inspire every Indian and fill them with pride. The film looks at the challenges and dedication of Indian Air Force pilots, how an Air Force soldier works hard to protect the nation.

It took many years to build Tejas. In which this film remained on the shelf for many years. Makers are planning to release this film in December 2020. But due to some reasons the release of the film was delayed. The Air Force is the first defense force in India to induct women to fly fighter aircraft and fight.

About The Trailer

The trailer begins with a battle scene, in which Kangana Ranaut says “if you tease India, you will not leave”, and the next scene shows the enemy aircraft being shot at. Kangana’s above dialogue gives goosebumps to every Indian who loves his country unwaveringly. Kangana prepares herself for a mission and demands her senior officer to handle the mission.

The trailer reveals that the Indian spy has been caught in a village named Mir Ali in Pakistan, which is a tribal area of Pakistan. This Indian spy is called an engineer by the Pakistani Army. Kangana knows that this engineer is an Indian spy for whom Sahari wants to go on a rescue mission.

Kangana Ranaut in Tejas Film

Because that Indian spy has sensitive information about India which should definitely not fall into the hands of Pakistanis.

Kangana makes every possible effort to go on this mission, on which Kangana is seen telling her senior that “I want to be a part of this mission.” To which his senior says, “It is not your personal matter”. To which Kangana says, “This is personal for me, terrorism should be personal for everyone in this world, only then it can be eliminated from this world”. In film Kangana’s childhood dream was to become a pilot of Tejas and now she has to bring that Indian spy back to India, hence she wants to be a part of the mission so that he can be brought back.

Tejas Cast

There is no doubt that the directors have cast very good actors/actresses in the movie Tejas. All the actors have acted very well in the film.

Kangana Ranaut as Tejas Gill: Tejas is a female fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. He is part of a mission to rescue an Indian spy and bring him back to India from Pakistan.

Anshul Chauhan as Vikram Singh: Vikram is a fighter pilot and Tejas’s lover. He supports Tejas’s dreams and helps Tejas in achieving those dreams.

Varun Mitra as Rakesh Sharma: Rakesh is a fighter pilot and Tejas’s best friend. Rakesh is always there for Tejas and helps him in difficult times.

Air Marshal as Ashish Vidyarthi: Air Marshal Singh is playing the commanding officer of Tejas. In which he is a strict but honest commanding officer and he has faith in Tejas’s abilities that she will definitely bring the Indian spy back.

Vishak Nair as Major Vikramjeet Singh: Major Vikramjeet Singh is playing the character of a Pakistan fighter pilot. In which he is a skilled and experienced Air Force pilot and he is dangerous for Tejas and India. They have to stop Tejas and wage war against India.

Tejas has a strong and experienced actor in the film. All the actors have performed very well. Especially Tejas (Kangana Ranaut) has given her all in the lead character. Vikram Singh (Ansul Chauhan) is seen as Tejas’s love interest who inspires and helps him to achieve his dream. The actors of Tejas have done a good job, they have played every character with strength.

Kangana Ranaut’s Tweet (X)

Kangana starts this mission with great preparation and is seen making every possible effort to make it successful. While sharing the trailer on Twitter (X), Kangana Ranaut wrote, “Now there will be war on the enemy from the sky, now war will be declared. This is the India which will not leave if you tease it”. It is clear from Kangana’s tweet how excited she is for this film.


Overall, Kangan’s new film Tejas is an action-packed film. We can know how hard the Air Force works and remains ready to protect Indians. The film will be released in theaters on 27 October 2023.

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