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PMAY-G Customer Helpline to Lodge Complaints for Awaas Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna-Gramin (PMAY-G) is the central government’s flagship scheme for every rural homeless living in Kutcha and dilapidated houses provide a new pucca house with basic amenities to all by the central government, so the beneficiary can register PMAY-G Complaint. The flagship scheme was launched in 2016 to provide housing to the rural poor public. Shri Narendra Modi’s aim is to launch the PMAY scheme from the current running scheme Indira Awaas Yojana-Gramin to Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gram to provide housing for all by 2022. The eligibility of any beneficiary choosing and identification and selection of beneficiaries based on the housing deficiency and other social deprivation parameters in SECC-2011 data, and verification by the Gram Sabhas.

The Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana aim to provide financial support to eligible rural households to construct their own pucca houses. The scheme is focused on rural & urban area’s poor, financially weak, low income, marginalized community. The PMAY scheme provide highly priority to disabled poor people, widow, schedule caste, scheduled tribes aur lower income (below 10,000) The categorized people benefit with 1.20 lakh in plain land and 1.30 lakh in hilly states, difficult areas, and IAP districts.

Key Features of PMAY-G

  1. The minimum unit (house) size 25 sq. meter including dedicated area of hygienic cooking.
  2. The categorized people benefit with 1.20 lakh in plain land and 1.30 lakh in hilly states, difficult areas and IAP districts.
  3. The cost of house assistance is to be shared between Central and State Government in the ratio 60:40 in plain areas and 90:10 for North-Eastern and 3 Himalayan States (Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand).
  4. Provision of assistance Rs. 12,000 fir toilets through convergence with Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin (SBM-G), MGNREGA or any other dedicated source funding.
  5. Provision of 90/95 person days of un-skilled labour wage under MGNREGA for construction of house, over and above the unit assistance.
  6. Identification and selection of beneficiaries based on the housing deficiency and other social deprivation parameters in SECC-2011 data, and verification by the Gram Sabhas.
  7. If the beneficiary chooses, he/she will be facilitated to avail loan of upto Rs.70,000 from financial institutions (Banks).
  8. Convergence with other Government schemes for provision of the basic amenities viz., Toilet, Drinking Water, Electricity, Clean & Efficient Cooking Fuel, Treatment of social and liquid waste etc.
  9. All payment s to the beneficiary to be made electronically to their Bank/Post office/Gramin bank accounts that are linked to Adhaar with consent.

Rupees 17,000-19,000 (depends on person days) from NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005) for labor charges to make house. Beneficiary will benefit from another 12,000 from SBM (Swachh Bharat Mission) to made their own toilet.

The Scheme’s Criteria to Benefit Public By 3 Installments

  1. 15,000 – After the house got sanctioned by Panchayat Samiti level
  2. 45,000 – When Plinth level (3 Fit) & Foundation level was completed.
  3. 60,000 – when Roof Level was completed with the completed door, windows.

The installments release by DBT (Direct Beneficiary Transfer) from ABPS (Aadhaar Based Payment System) by PFMS (Public Financial Management System).1

They all instalments issue after the geo tagging done by gram panchayat VDO (Village Development Officer) aur LDC (Lower Division Clerk). The geo tag has 5 phases.

Phases of Geo Tagging

  1. Existing Site (Old House) were beneficiary lives currently
  2. Proposed Site were beneficiary wants build house
  3. Plinth level
  4. Roof Cast Level
  5. Completed
  6. Toilet Completed (Additional for benefited from SBM)

The beneficiary also check their geo tag status and installment status details on the official website Pradhan Mantri   Awaas   Yojana-Gramin.  

Visit The Site and Follow The Instructions

  1. Visit the official website :- PMAY-G
  2. Go to in menu section on 5th number :- Stakeholder
  1. Select IAY/PMAYG Beneficiary
  2. Enter the Registration Number ex.  UP2643131

How To Lodge PMAY-G Complaint

You can lodge your PMAY-G complaints by following steps. This is easy step to lodge complaint and get solution on time.

  1. Stage 1 – Gram Panchayat Level Lodge Complaint
    • Process of PMAY-G Complaint in Gram Panchayat level
      • Beneficiary can lodge to PMAY-G complaint in Gram Panchayat Office to VDO (Village Development Officer) or LDC (Lower Division Clerk) & Sarpanch/Pradhan.
      • Beneficiary visit tha Gram Panchayat with their unique PMAY-G ID Number aur another complaint.
      • Official staff will check tha PMAY status on online Awaas portal aur offline.
      • If the PMAY-G complaint contains some another issues for ex. Account changes, name changes, job card changes & some other issue, official staff will forward the latter to higher level.
      • Staff will respectively resolve their PMAY-G complaint or nether forward to higher level (Panchayat Samiti).
      • If the lodge doesn’t resolved beneficiary can visit the Panchayat Samiti Level.
  2. Stage 2 –Panchayat Samiti Level Lodge Complaint
    • Process of PMAY-G Complaint in Panchayat Samiti Level
      • Beneficiary visit the official PMAY-G Department office with their unique PAMY-G ID Number or Written Complaint Application.
      • The respective staff will check the issue online portal or offline.
      • Installment issues or Geo tag issue will resolve by the staff and also check the name in list.
      • If the PMAY-G complaint contains some another issues for ex. Account changes, name changes, Adhaar update, job card changes & some other issue the staff will take the official documents copy ex. Adhaar card copy, Bank copy, Job Card copy, ration card, Jan-Adhaar copy.
      • Official staff will attach the documents with official latter and send the latter (with BDO signature) to state level for resolve issue (It may take 7 to 30 days’ time).
      • After the resolve PMAY-G complaint, the respective staff will notify lower level (Gram Panchayat Head).
  3. Stage 3 – District Level Complaint Forward
    • If issue doesn’t resolve by samiti level, complainer will send the hard copy of letter to CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at District Level (It may take time 3 to 30 days).
    • CEO will identify the lodge forward it to related departments aur contact the BDO (Block Development Officer) to investigate to lodge. Stage 4 – CEO assign Back to Panchayat Samiti Level to Investigate Complaint
    • BDO will make a team to investigate to lodge with the contact of complainer via Phone call aur a team will come their house to consult.
    • The team will make the genuine ground report with proof of actual complaint copy and sent to District Level to resolve PMAY-G complaint.
    • CEO will read the report and resolve the PMAY-G complaint on district level.
  4. Stage 5 – Panchayat Samiti Level Send Complaint to State & Central Level
  5. If PMAY-G complaint contains another issue like changes in accounts, sanction changes after beneficiary death (In Death Case if Actual Beneficiary is dead than sanction will changes to their family member who’s name in the secc list) (It take 15 To 90 Days) aadhar update, job card update, name update, will latter send to state level via district level.

Helplines of PMAY-G Complaints Related to Installments Issues

Register PMAY complaints related to Installments issues on the toll-free customer care helpline numbers of PMAY-G aur Rajasthan Sampark Portal anytime 24×7. All the PMAY-G and Rajasthan Sampark helpline numbers are provided below, click on the numbers to call customer care.

Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin181
Rajasthan Sampark181
Land line number1800-11-6446 
Rajasthan Sampark Portal SiteRajasthan Sampark
Official E-MailPMAY-G Support
Office Incharge & Block Level Number SiteContact details of officials involved in PMAY-G implementation
Official AddressPMAY -RAAS Housing Finance (India) Limited 1249,
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
PM Awaas Yojana Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi, Pincode: 110011.
  • Any Grievance sent by email will not be attended to / entertained. Please lodge your grievance at the website.
  • Whenever the beneficiary is not satisfied with the earlier investigation or wants any other advance investigation, then the beneficiary can register his PMAY complaint by visiting the CPGRAM Portal, to register the complaint, the complainant has to register first, then he can send his complaint through can register on the portal.
  • The complainant can contact the said officer with all kinds of complaints, irrespective of whom they are related to.
  • To complain, the office and phone numbers of the officials of CPGRAM Officers are given below.
Public Grievances Officers
NameDesignationDealing with grievances related toPhone Number
Shri. Mukul DixitUnder Secretary (Public)Prime Minister Office23014155
Joint SecretaryCabinet Secretariat23743139
Shri J.G. SubramanianDeputy Secretary (Admn, Estt. & Transport)President’s Secretariat
  • The complainant wants any other help or investigation according to his own or any other help who is unsatisfied from Panchayat Samiti level and District Level, in such a situation he can contact Central Government Delhi.
  • Complainants can contact these officers for any type of problem related to Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin. The above officers are from the Central Government who are related to the Housing Branch.
  • The telephone numbers and e-mails of officers working in the Central Government are given in the table below.

Housing Wing (Department of Rural Development)

Program DivisionOffice Phone No.E-mail
Shri Gaya Prasad,
Shri Manoj Kumar Mehra, PS to
Fax: 23384703
Shri Sunil Kumar Tanwar, PS to DDG(RH)
Shri Shailesh Kumar,
Smt. Savita Rani, PPS to Director (RH)
Shri Shakti Kant Singh, Deputy
Smt Sonika Cheba, PPS to
Anil Kumar Singh, Under Secretary, (RH)
Shri M.V.N Vara Prasad, Under Secretary (RH Accounts)
Ms. Chahat Singh, Assistant Commissioner, (RH Accounts)
Ms. Sakshi, Assistant Director, (RH)
Shri Baldev Singh, Section Officer (RH)
Shri Ajay More, Joint
Shri Manoj Kumar, Deputy
  • If the beneficiary is not satisfied with the investigation being done according to his wish, in this situation the beneficiary can contact the nodal officers of his state.
  • The email and telephone numbers of the state nodal officers of all the states are given in the table below.

Contact Details of Officials Involved In PMAY-G Implementation of States

StatesNameDesignationEmail idTelephone No.
ANDAMAN AND NICOBARR Prashant KumarAssistant/ 
 V K Jabir MohdIT 
 Gurjeet KaurProject Officerrd.ut.and@gmail.com3192242739
 Shekhar RaiState MIS Nodal Officerrd.ut.and@gmail.com3192242739
ANDHRA PRADESHSri Dr Lakshmisha GState Directorapshclmd@gmail.com8662544473
 Sri Jayaramachari ChinnaswamySuperintendent Engineerapshcl2020@gmail.com8662544473
 Sri Koteswara Rao NSState MIS Nodal Officereeruralho21@gmail.com8662544473
 Sri Ajay JainState Secretarypeshihousing@gmail.com8632445496
 Chera SanjivJoint 
 Parimal DebProject 
 Kego JilenState 
 Nyali EteAdditional 
 Amarnath TalwadeState 
ASSAMRanjit DasAccounts Officerpmayg.assam@gmail.com3612333645
 Mithun DekaState MIS Nodal Officerpmayg.assam@gmail.com3612333645
 Haradhan MandalIT Specialistpmayg.assam@gmail.com3612333645
 Mr Bipul Kumar DasJoint Directorpmayg.assam@gmail.com3612333645
BIHARAshutosh AshutoshIT 
 Mrinal StyarthiProject 
 Ravi KumarDeputy 
 Bala Murugan DState Secretaryrlrsec-bih@nic.in6122217496
CHHATTISGARHKanchan BhuaryaAccounts Officerrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510199
 S PrakashDirectorrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510585
 Prakash PariharState MIS Nodal Officercpmayg@gmail.com7712510199
 Ananad raj soniIT Specialistrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510199
 Deep GhoshProject Officerrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510199
 Kailash ThakurState Nodal Officerrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510199
 Seema MishraDeputy Commissionerrd.pmaycg@gmail.com7712510199
DADRA AND NAGAR HAVELIMitesh PathakAssistant/ 
 Apurva SharmaDirectordrdasilvassa@gmail.com2602632303
 Sohil MecwanState MIS Nodal 
DAMAN AND DIUAshish MohanJoint 
 Juber RadhanpuraState MIS Nodal 
GOAVelton TellisProject Officerpdn-drda.goa@nic.in8322437409
 Bhushan SavaikarJoint Secretarypdn-drda.goa@nic.in8322437409
 Harsha VolvoikarState MIS Nodal 
GUJARATVishal GuptaAdditional
 Meghna ParikhAssistant Commissioneraddcommissioner1@gmail.com7923256366
 Sameer MehtaChief Account Officeraddcommissionerpmay@gmail.com7923256750
 Bhrugu BhattState MIS Nodal 
 Sonal MishraState
HARYANADevKant SharmaAccounts Officerhfapmayg@gmail.com1722568006
 Ms RaveenaFinancial AdvisorHFAPMAYG@GMAIL.COM 
 Smt NancyIT SpecialistHFAPMAYG@GMAIL.COM 
 Devender SinghProject Officerhfapmayg@gmail.com1722568006
 Devinder SinghState MIS Nodal Officerdss.pord@gmail.com1722549099
 Chanda RamBDO/
HIMACHAL PRADESHPriyanka SharmaAccounts 
 Seema SharmaDeputy 
 Praveen ThakurState MIS Nodal Officerpmayghimachal@gmail.com1772626321
JAMMU AND KASHMIRShaqeeb RatherDeputy Directorjointdirectorrdd@yahoo.com1942506347
 Kamal SharmaJoint Directorjointdirectorrdd@yahoo.com1942506347
 Kamal SharmaProject Officerjointdirectorrdd@yahoo.com1912566929
 Subash ChanderState MIS Nodal Officerjointdirectorrdd@yahoo.com1912566929
 Mandeep KaurState Secretaryjointdirectorrdd@yahoo.com1912566929
JHARKHANDRam Kumar SinhaAdditional 
 Dinesh OraonAssistant/ 
 Shyama SinhaChief Account 
 Roshan Pat PinguaProject 
 Vinod RanjanState MIS Nodal 
 Manish RanjanState Secretaryrddsecjhr2020@gmail.com6512446070
KARNATAKASmt Asha sadashivState Nodal Officeriayrgrhcl@gmail.com8023118888
 Parashurame GowdaProject 
 Parashurame GowdaState MIS Nodal 
 Smt Asha sadashivState Nodal Officeriayrgrhcl@gmail.com8023118888
KERALASanthoshkumar V SState Nodal Officeriaykerala@gmail.com4712318583
 Aneesh BAssistant Commissioneriaykerala@gmail.com4712318583
 M G Rajamanickam IASCommissioneriaykerala@gmail.com4712517219
 Shyni RDeputy 
 Priya FrancisIT 
 Shaji ClementState MIS Nodal Officeriaykerala@gmail.com4712318149
LADAKHTahir HussainState MIS Nodal 
LAKSHADWEEPAshwani Kumar MehtaState Directorlk-drda@nic.in4896263457
 Shahina Beegum KState MIS Nodal Officershahina@nic.in9497644622
MADHYA PRADESHDr S G AgrawalAdditional 
 Dr Deleep 
 SHILPI ADHOLIYAIT Specialistpmayg17@gmail.com7554082606
 Manisha DaveState MIS Nodal Officerpmayinfo@gmail.com7552552501
MAHARASHTRAManjiri TakleDeputy DirectorManjiri.takle@Yahoo.com2227560311
 Dr Rajaram DigheDirectordirectoriayruralhousing@gmail.com2227560311
 Michael AldenIT Specialistmich.john1025@gmail.com2227560311
 Anil KaleProject Officeranil.kale@nic.in2227560311
 Ram AghavState MIS Nodal Officerram.smurh@gmail.com2227561784
 Rajesh KumarState
MANIPURYumnam Ricky MeiteiIT 
 Somorendro SinghProject 
 Sanasam ShyamanandaState MIS Nodal 
MEGHALAYAStreamlet RapthapIT 
 Iaraphunlin DiengdohState MIS Nodal 
MIZORAMZoremthara RalteDeputy Secretarypmaymizoram@gmail.com3892336021
 Andrew LalbuatsaihaState MIS Nodal Officerandrewchawngthu13@gmail.com3892334515
NAGALANDHAMDOK M KONYAKState MIS Nodal Officeradokkonyak@gmail.com9863050029
ODISHANiharika RobiAccounts 
 Amrendra Nath SahooChief Account 
 Srimant Kumar SamalIT Specialistsrimant.samal@yahoo.in6742562270
 Niladri Bihari NandaAccounts Officernanda.niladri@gmail.com6742322892
 Shri Arindam DakuaState Directorrh.odisha@gov.in6742392906
 Kulamani MishraDeputy Secretaryrh.odisha@gov.in6742322892
 Kulamani MishraState MIS Nodal Officerrh.odisha@gov.in6742393480
 Sushil Kumar LohaniState Secretaryprsec.or@nic.in6742536680
PUDUCHERRYRudra Goud P TState Directorptrudragoud@gmail.com4132203601
 Maran KState MIS Nodal Officerdrda.pon@nic.in0413-2203601
PUNJABBhanu KatariaAccounts Officerpmayg.pb.fin@gmail.com1725063426
 Kulwant SinghAssistant Directoriaypunjab@gmail.com1725063426
 Komalpreet KaurAssistant/Accountantpmayg.pb.fin@gmail.com1725063426
 Charanjit SinghChief Account Officeriaypunjab@gmail.com1725099016
 Nikhil ManchandaIT
 Sandeep KaurAssistant/Accountantiaypunjab@gmail.com1725063426
 Neelima IASState Directorneelima104@gmail.com1725058900
 Rahul ManchandaState MIS Nodal Officeriaypunjab@gmail.com1725063428
 Seema JainState
 Rk JainProject Officerpdengg_rdd@yahoo.com1412385830
 Kavita VermaState MIS Nodal
 Rajesh SharmaJoint Secretaryprsecretaryrdpr@gmail.com1412227176
SIKKIMC. GyamtsoJoint Directorkalvinchoden603@gmail.com9832022207
 Kukula WangdiProject 
 Tenzing T KaleonState 
 Sisum Wangchuk BhutiaDeputy 
 Naresh PradhanState MIS Nodal Officermismanager.rmdd-sik@gov.in9933718800
TAMIL NADUS SanthiAssistant 
 S DivyaIT 
 F Abdul RazickState MIS Nodal 
 Mr Nirmal Kumar LeninBDO/ 
 Haron RachidState 
TRIPURAVikas SinghAdditional 
 Ujjal ChakrabortyAssistant/ 
 Sukanta DebnathIT Specialistsukanta.nicsi@gmail.com3823262024
 Amitabha DuttaState MIS Nodal Officerruralhousing.trp@gmail.com3812418091
 Sabitri DebbarmaAssistant/Accountantsabitridebbarma88@gmail.com3812418091
UTTAR PRADESHA K SINGHState MIS Nodal Officerpmaygup@gmail.com5222286211
UTTARAKHANDAnand SwaroopAdditional Secretaryjd.drdacell3@gmail.com1352714133
 Vivek Kumar UpadhayaJoint Directorjd.drdacell3@gmail.com1352714133
 Churchill Kumar TomarState MIS Nodal Officerjd.drdacell2@gmail.com1352714133
 Sachin KurveyState Secretaryjd.drdacell3@gmail.com1352714133
WEST BENGALManirupa BhattacharjyaAdditional 
 Sonali Datta RayJoint Secretarysonaldattaray@gmail.com3323356162
 Dibyendu SarkarJoint Secretarydibyasarkar@gmail.com3323346114
 Amrita BhaduriState MIS Nodal Officeriaymiswb@gmail.com3323406520
 M V RaoState 


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